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Help them to understand that the people they meet in games may not be who they claim to be and explain why they should not give out personal information or photos.If they choose to play games with people that they don’t know, remind them not to take the conversation off the game, such as onto a social network or into a private chat.Not everyone that children play with in games will be nice.Some users are verbally abusive towards others or will try to steal and destroy the player’s virtual possessions.

PEGI 12 is the minimum rating a game which teaches or encourages gambling can receive, though the descriptor also appears on PEGI 16 and PEGI 18 games.Before starting a game it is a good idea to check out what technology is available to keep children safe.Gaming consoles have parental controls which can stop your child from downloading games that they are too young for.Implied violence (for example the bombing of a city where violence is not seen directly) is also dealt with at this level.At a PEGI 12 level more graphic and realistic looking violence towards fantasy characters is allowed.

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